Provisional Car Insurance: Tips for Dependent Drivers

Provisional car insurance was designed with dependents in mind. It is for those learning to drive or those who have just obtained their drivers license. Provisional insurance is only available in the United Kingdom. Its purpose is to cover the vehicle in which you are using while learning how to drive or any vehicle you drive as a newly licensed driver. Although provisional car insurance is only available in the U.K, you still have to be insured as a learning driver in the U.S. Here are some tips to help you get started.

• The easiest and best way to be insured as new or learner driver is by being on the same policy as your parents. In most cases, a parent just simply adds you to their policy. If this isn’t an option for you, you still must find car insurance. If you happen to live with an insured roommate, you may be able to be added to their policy should your roommate and their insurance agency allow.

• As a new or learning driver, you must be insured. There is no other option. As an individual if you are responsible for finding your own insurance while learning how to drive, you must know that it will be rather grueling. Many insurance companies consider you to be a high risk driver and therefore may not be willing to insure you as an unlicensed driver with a temporary permit.

• Some agencies in the U.S. have learners permit insurance. Just like the U.K. has provisional car insurance, learners permit insurance covers the vehicle in which a new or learning driver uses. This type of insurance is very hard to find and is usually available through smaller insurance agencies.

• Insurance for dependent drivers tends to be pricier than that of an independent driver who has experience driving. Although it will cost much less if you are on your parents policy rather than if you had found insurance on your own.

• Whether you had found your own policy or are on your parents’ insurance policy, you may qualify for certain discounts offered depending on the agency. There are good student discounts and multiple car discounts available. Make sure to take advantage of any discount you may qualify for.

• There are usually very strict requirements for those driving with a temporary license or drivers permit. These strict requirements are usually for those who obtained insurance on their own.

So even though provisional car insurance isn’t available in the U.S, there are ways to be insured in the U.S. It may not be as easy as it is for provisional drivers in the U.K, but it is necessary. It is much easier to be added on another person’s policy rather than finding your own, seeing as most agencies will consider you to be a high risk driver. When looking for insurance on your own, don’t let yourself get stressed out. Learning how to drive is a pivotal moment in your life and once you earn that permanent license, it will all be worth it.

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