Different Types of Car Insurance

Car insurance is a broad category that covers many different aspects of the whole driving experience. It covers everything from the actual vehicle, its equipment, and any of the people who drive it. There are many different types of car insurance offered to drivers and the owners of vehicles. Depending on the agency you choose, the type of coverage you want, and the state you live in, will all help determine the types of car insurance you buy. Here are several different types of car insurance that most people choose to purchase.


Not only is liability required by most every state, but it is a good coverage for anyone to have. This will protect you from having to pay any out of pocket expenses should you damage someone else’s vehicle or even if harming another person in a car accident. There are different kinds of liability coverage offered, such as bodily injury and property damage. Out of all the different types of car insurance, this one is the most important, seeing as it is most likely required by your state.

Comprehensive Coverage

If your car were to ever be damaged by a fire, storm, animal, or even if it were stolen or vandalized, comprehensive coverage will have it covered. Comprehensive coverage will help you pay any expenses you may have to get your vehicle fixed.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage covers any damage done to your vehicle should you get in an accident. This is a great coverage to have, especially if you have a newer vehicle. The smaller the deductible you choose to have, the less you will have to pay out of your pocket should you be in a car accident. Collision coverage is often combined with comprehensive coverage as a package deal.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Both of these cover any expenses you may come across should you get in an accident by fault of another driver. Underinsured motorist coverage will cover the rest of the expenses should the other driver not have enough liability coverage to pay all the expenses. Uninsured motorist coverage will cover the expenses should the other driver be irresponsible enough to not have any liability insurance coverage.

Bodily Injury and Personal Injury Coverage

Bodily injury coverage covers any expenses you may have should another person be hurt in an accident you were in. Personal injury coverage covers any funeral and medical expenses or any lost wages in result of a car accident. It doesn’t matter who was at fault, personal injury coverage will pay up to 80% of the expense.

These are some of the most recommended and common types of car insurance. However, they are not the only coverage’s offered. There is gap insurance, physical damage coverage, towing and rental reimbursement, medical coverage, and several more types of car insurance made available to drivers. With a little research and inquiring, you should be able to find the right insurance coverage’s for you and your vehicle.

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